Books and me..

I was never a bookworm kind of a person, but always dreamed that one pretty day I will start reading some extra books except to the one related to my course.

I can very much recall, the day all the students eagerly wait for “Farewell” which also make you realize of the last few days left and very soon you are going to enter in a college. The School provides you a very safe and protective environment like a mother’s womb, who protects you and later raise you to serve better.

Juniors were all set to pamper us and why not you have spent your half of time between them. I have planned to wear a saree and yes, it was my very first time to dress up ethnically.  Nervousness was at it’s peak, but obviously everyone has to look beautiful, even I want to look one. Everything went well, played lots of games, danced and eaten. And the day comes to an end, so now it was time to leave the ground, but they have planned something else for us “A surprise gift from our School ”  and guess what it was a book. My very first novel, it was “A SELF HELP BOOK”.

It’s true that a book is your best friend, it teaches you, make you smile and cry both at the same time.

From that day and now I have read a lot of Novel’s, I don’t like reading love stories instead I prefer reading books which helps me to grow, which gives me solutions of the problem which no one else can. Recently have completed “The Calling ” unleash your true self by Priya Kumar.

The Calling is a spiritual adventure, an encounter with the truth, the wisdom and the force that is innate to us all. This book will help you know who actually you are, in our daily hectic life and busy office schedule, we fail to give time to our family and other relationships. The Calling explains you very important chapters of life in a subtle manner. No extra spice is added in the story, explained the point in a story of man busy in his office life which affects his personal life. Imbalance and lack of taking the right decisions at the right time disturbs his life circle.

It also happens in our daily life that we get influenced by our surrounding our discussions get influenced by the society and that shouldn’t happen. Never ever forget who you really are and your priorities, don’t allow someone else’s negativity to enter in your life.

You should give a try to “The Calling” it will help you in many ways, may be this is the book you are searching for.

A path changer “The Calling”.