FBB- Fashion Haul- Steal Deal Under 1000

FBB is my all time favorite brand, recently I visited the FBB store to check out the special republic day offers available in “Sabse Saste 5 din”.


FBB is offering FLAT 50% off on almost all products. Starting from women sweaters to mens footwear, everything is available at great offer.

Have a look at some great deals- (under INR 1000)


Denim at 499/- only



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Tee at 499/- only



Whats more? They are also offering 500 cashback in future pay wallet when you shop for more than 2500 INR.


Bought this sweater for 750 INR only

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Micronutrient Deficiency: What it means for Indian Infants & How to Fight it

“You are what you eat”, – this beautifully defines the effect of food on humans, but very few of us talk about what we don’t eat. Here, I am talking about one of the most essential nutrients in our food – micro nutrients. They are required in lesser amounts but micro nutrients such as, Vitamin A, iron, fol ate and iodine add to the nutritional value of food, and play one of the most vital role in a child’s proper development. A lack of these essentials in food can cause a condition known as –  micro nutrient deficiency, in children as well as mothers.

Prevent Micronutrient Deficiency

Every day, more than 6,000 children die in India, and micro nutrient deficiency is accountable for more than half of these deaths. Moreover, out of all micro nutrient deficiencies – iron deficiency is the most prevalent around the world, as this nutritional disorder equally affects both developing and developed countries.

Apart from iron, few other most prevalent micronutrient deficiencies are caused due to the lack of Vitamin A, folate, zinc and iodine.

So, how does micro nutrient deficiency affect a child’s growth?

Micro nutrient deficiency not only cause physical illness, but also affects the mental health of children. Each micro nutrient has a role to play in the proper growth of a child.

  • A lack of vitamin A and zinc leads to slow and poor growth in infants, a drop in immunocompetence and makes the child more susceptible to infectious diseases.
  • Iron deficiency can cause irreversible neurological impairment in a child, with reduced functionality of the immune system.
  • Iodine – if not fed in proper amount to an infant can hinder the physical growth and cognitive development.

The repercussions caused due to micro nutrient deficiency can be experienced throughout the lifetime, and is a big loss to the economy of a nation. It is accounted that the treatment costs of micro nutrient deficiencies go up to 27 times higher, compared to the cost invested in its prevention.

Strong Steps to Prevent Micronutrient Deficiency

Organizations such as WHO, and UNICEF are doing their part to improve this situation on the global front.

UNICEF with the introduction of mechanisms like Village Health and Nutrition Days, are working towards spreading awareness about the cause, part from raising the demands for making supplements available for micronutrients like vitamin A and iron, for children and mothers.

WHO also promotes the idea, as it recommends that supplements for vitamin A should be made available for children between the age of 6 months-5 years, every 6 months in areas where vitamin A deficiency is prevalent.  The issue has been addressed by the government of India, with the introduction of campaigns to provide vitamin A supplements, twice a year.

Relevant steps are being taken with the visible results. For example – India has been able to double the rates of life expectancy, and child mortality has dropped to half in the last 50 years. Still, there is a lot that needs to be done, because in developing countries almost 40% of preschool children are suffering from iron deficiency or anemia.

WHO, in its Global Targets 2025, has mentioned about its mission to improve maternal, infant and children health and nutrition, and are committed to monitor its progress.

All the efforts look promising and a healthier and nourished future is envisioned, for the upcoming generations.

Think about it and share your thoughts in comment box.






On World Shorts Day, fbb has taken a bold and unique route with its #DropThePants campaign.  Digital campaign #DropThePants also has famous comedian Vir das announcing the day through a hilarious and engaging video that urges men to #DropThePants on #WorldShortsDay.

I visited the FBB store to participate in this #DropThePants activity. Found some great collection of shorts at just Rs 499/-

Also have a look at this amazing collection from the FBB store-


Perfect shorts for #DropThePants

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India Runway Week ( 28th – 30th April)

It would seem that no matter how big the India Runway Week gets, there you will always find fresh new names. Of course, the old designers continue every season. This is the 8th season of India Runway Week which is starting from

ikreate IRW

The weavers of India are its biggest assets. Indian hand woven fabrics have been known since time immemorial. India was famous even in ancient times as an exporter of textiles to most parts of the civilized world but throughout history and currently too there are evidences that show that weavers have always been a victim of a staunch hierarchical system. Being at the bottom of the system they fall prey to the extreme forms of exploitation.

There are organizations that are identified as a promising means of raising voice for them and generating livelihood for hundreds of rural artisans. They have made a significant contribution to the lives of the women artisans working with it, which has helped improve their economic as well as social status.

They strive to bring the traditions of India to customers all around the world with its unique creations and products. It not only helps its artisans become wage earners, but also spreads awareness about the traditional crafts of the region, thus helping preserve a rich part of India’s national cultural heritage. Indian Federation for fashion Development have joined hand with four of these organizations i.e Rangsutra, SoCHE, Banka Silk and Gestures by Kriti who will present the work of artisans at current season of India Runway Week Summer 2017 ramp which is starting from 28th of April to 30th of April 2017

“The purpose of this show is to raise the current conditions of the weavers and to propose the importance of such organizations and social security to the custodians of this ageless art.” Said by Fashion director, Kiran Kheva, India Runway Week

Here is the schedule-


See you there!!



What are the top ten things one should experience in life?

So this is the first time, i am writing something about my personal experience on my blog. Here you go:)

1. Make yourself a priority

Give it a try:) At the end of the day, it’s not about having time, it’s about MAKING time.

2. Travel as much as you can

I travel a lot. I love to travel whenver i can. It makes me feel good about this world. Even i have a long bucket list for that!

P.S: its Dubai above


3. Learn to say NO

I know its difficult, but sometimes you have to.

Always remember its about “Apna kaam chalta bhadh me jae Janta”


4. Go on a Trip with your mom

As i said i love to travel, but traveling with momy is something i love. That midnight noodles and a tight hug from her is something I love a lot.


5. Give importance to your grades

May be that will not help you for good Job , but definitely it can make your present HAPPY.


6. Go For Adventure

I did Scuba in port blair and realized this world is actually so beautiful.


7. Bunk Your classes and spend time with your friends

I mean i am still in college, and when i look back i always remember the time which i spent with my friends. Lectures are something out of coverage area


8.Always Smile

I mean there is no point of being SAD all the time. You have a lot to be thankful for.


9.Go on a SOLO trip

I went to Hyderabad alone for some event. It was my first trip alone but definitely a life time experience it was. Give it a try.


10. Always Spend time with your best friend.

No matter how busy i am. I love to spend time with my BFF and do crazy stuff. ***Bliss**


Your comments are awaited…




Law breaking laws..

I was following my daily routine, getting up at 7:00 in morning and heading to my work place. It’s almost 30km’s from my home to office, we cross two railway tracks in between and lots of traffic. One pretty day I Board my cab and reached at railway crossing, it was closed. There was a long Queue already, driver switched off the engine and we waited track to be cleared. Suddenly what I saw was really shocking, usually due to heavy traffic and hurry, people avoid standing in line and prefer to go for the short cuts. Those short cuts that can be dangerous for life. Image below can explain you better what I am talking about.

Rail Track

A man crossing railway lane even though the barriers were put on and the train was about to reach.

Rail Track 1Hope we all are aware of traffic rules and regulation but sometimes we often take it for granted.

Rules are made to keep us safe and protected, but generally people doesn’t understand and unfortunately those who are specially hired to maintain the rules and regulations are doing same mistakes.
Society is dependent on cops indirectly to maintain peace and harmony, but this picture proves this statement absolutely wrong. Usually have seen many people crossing lines but this was the first time I saw our law protectors breaking laws. I am not blaming anyone it’s just that by watching one person doing a sin/breaking a law other’s get encouragement to do same ”AGAR YE KR SAKTA H TO M KYU NHE”. We should be responsible enough, why we need someone to tell us what is wrong and what is right. One small mistake can turn your whole life into a mess. We read daily newspapers and are aware of miss-happenings in the society on railway tracks, accidents due to ignorance and carelessness takes many lives. After knowing the facts, masses of them doesn’t care about.


Rail Travck 2

While I was clicking this image this wise men was looking at me aggressively, that why the hell I am clicking his picture, still I took it.

Rail Track2Requesting all of you to please follow the Traffic rules, they are only meant to keep us safe.

There are plenty of things that can take care of when you are on road (driving), some of them are listed below.

  • Wear helmet while driving two wheeler.
  • Don’t use cell phone while driving.
  • Have patience, your life is more important than those 5 minutes you save from standing on a red light.
  • Avoid over speeding.
  • Drive in lane, avoid overtaking.

I always keep thinking that Why do we need anyone to remind us our duties? Aren’t we responsible enough? Why we always need an officer to bump on our head, for reminding us our responsibilities. Imagine a society where each and every person is a traffic police, then there will be a lessor rate of road accidents and there are many more things that we can avoid. It’s difficult for one traffic officer to manage the entire traffic (Suppose say 100 cars). But, if in each car person siting like us understand their responsibility and follow all the rules, it will make the task easier. In short, there will be a traffic officer in every car and that is highly amazing..

Waiting for your feedback J