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Recently i got my hands on this amazing product by Fairfax called Hair Energizer. Frankly speaking I did not know about this brand earlier but after using this product for 1 month i am super impressed with this.


Price: INR 1199/-

Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacturing

Main Ingredients: It is made up of 16 magical herbs mentioned below:

  • Cepa
  • Pavonia
  • Targets Erecta (Marigold)

  • Luffa Cylindrica

  • Euphorbia Dracun Martinia

  • Diandra

  • Aloe Indica

  • Allium

  • Gratiola Monneria

  • Melia Azadiractita

  • Odorata

  • Eclipta Prostate

  • Cinnamon

  • Emblica Officianalis

  • Celastrus Peniculatus

  • Acacia Concinno

Product claims:

  • Reduces Hair Fall
  • Improves overall hair texture
  • Helps in growth

How to use?

  • Just add few drops to 4-5 liters of water
  • Wash your hair with it (should be done after using shampoo)
  • Rinse your hair after few minutes

Wait no more and give this product a try.

Shop here.




Make Your Room the Gang’s Adda

Hello Readers!

Friends are family. I’m really fortunate to have some amazing friends; a few of them are my schoolmates, some of them I met in college, others from work, and the remaining I crossed paths with quite randomly.  I love to have them over as much as I can. Time just flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it?

However, entertaining friends at home was quite different back in college. Now that we’ve been sucked into the routine of life with offices to get to and deadlines to meet, crashing after a hard day’s work has become more about relaxation than merely fun times.

Back in our college days, we would scrunch into the most limited of seating spaces just for the sake of it, but now, things are different. We still love each other’s company, but, after all the formalities of everyday life, it really does your body and mind good to have a comfortable pad where you can just lie back and relax.

We usually hang out at my place, thanks to its proximity to our offices. And since comfort was a top priority, I decided to make the most of my limited space and budget to accommodate my buddies’ needs. With a few tricks, design hacks and #SubscriptionLifestyle, my place is now our perfect hangout; in fact, some of them have literally started to live here (LOL!)

Rentomojo kitchen

Here’s how you too can pep up your pad and make it your gang’s adda: –

Push Your Creative Buttons 

You do not have to buy new pieces of furniture to make your home comfortable. Just put your existing stuff to better use. As my friends had turned my home into a B&B, storage became an issue. I always had a pile of clothes lying on my chairs belonging to some friend or the other. Since I had only one cupboard, I up-cycled the chest of drawers in my living room into a freestanding wardrobe for my friends to keep their clothes.

Go For Space Saving Furniture

I have a super comfy sofa in my living room that comes with a nice bed tucked underneath. Sofa cum beds are great. Every time my friends come over, the bed comes out. This way there’s room for more as compared to the sofa alone and we can all just flop down on the bed and watch movies on my LED TV together


Bring In The Mattresses


With the restrictions of space and budget, its’ impossible to have multiple beds at home, especially if you’re living in a 1BHK rental apartment like me.


My gang is big and even my gorgeous king-size bed can’t accommodate us all. To solve this problem, I brought a few mattresses that can be used to sit or sleep as and when needed. Don’t make the mistake of buying them though, since their utility is limited and also, they spoil with time. Get them on rent as I did.

Cook Up Some Love

Renotomojo k

I enjoy cooking. But when I’m not cooking, we order from outside. I guess another reason my boys and girls love to eat over here is that because I #SmartlyOwn a microwave. No matter what we order, once the food is delivered, it goes straight into my microwave to be warmed, especially in the winters! Also, not to forget the innumerable popcorn parties and freshly baked cakes we’ve had.

These are real easy to follow and won’t cost you much. Just remember to go for rental furniture and appliances like I did, this way you can save a lot of money.

Once you have got what you need, just wait and watch how your home turns into a haven for your buds!



FBB- Fashion Haul- Steal Deal Under 1000

FBB is my all time favorite brand, recently I visited the FBB store to check out the special republic day offers available in “Sabse Saste 5 din”.


FBB is offering FLAT 50% off on almost all products. Starting from women sweaters to mens footwear, everything is available at great offer.

Have a look at some great deals- (under INR 1000)


Denim at 499/- only



Sweater at 750/- only



Kurta at 499/- only



Tee at 499/- only



Whats more? They are also offering 500 cashback in future pay wallet when you shop for more than 2500 INR.


Bought this sweater for 750 INR only

What are you waiting for?

Go Shop Now.



Micronutrient Deficiency: What it means for Indian Infants & How to Fight it

“You are what you eat”, – this beautifully defines the effect of food on humans, but very few of us talk about what we don’t eat. Here, I am talking about one of the most essential nutrients in our food – micro nutrients. They are required in lesser amounts but micro nutrients such as, Vitamin A, iron, fol ate and iodine add to the nutritional value of food, and play one of the most vital role in a child’s proper development. A lack of these essentials in food can cause a condition known as –  micro nutrient deficiency, in children as well as mothers.

Prevent Micronutrient Deficiency

Every day, more than 6,000 children die in India, and micro nutrient deficiency is accountable for more than half of these deaths. Moreover, out of all micro nutrient deficiencies – iron deficiency is the most prevalent around the world, as this nutritional disorder equally affects both developing and developed countries.

Apart from iron, few other most prevalent micronutrient deficiencies are caused due to the lack of Vitamin A, folate, zinc and iodine.

So, how does micro nutrient deficiency affect a child’s growth?

Micro nutrient deficiency not only cause physical illness, but also affects the mental health of children. Each micro nutrient has a role to play in the proper growth of a child.

  • A lack of vitamin A and zinc leads to slow and poor growth in infants, a drop in immunocompetence and makes the child more susceptible to infectious diseases.
  • Iron deficiency can cause irreversible neurological impairment in a child, with reduced functionality of the immune system.
  • Iodine – if not fed in proper amount to an infant can hinder the physical growth and cognitive development.

The repercussions caused due to micro nutrient deficiency can be experienced throughout the lifetime, and is a big loss to the economy of a nation. It is accounted that the treatment costs of micro nutrient deficiencies go up to 27 times higher, compared to the cost invested in its prevention.

Strong Steps to Prevent Micronutrient Deficiency

Organizations such as WHO, and UNICEF are doing their part to improve this situation on the global front.

UNICEF with the introduction of mechanisms like Village Health and Nutrition Days, are working towards spreading awareness about the cause, part from raising the demands for making supplements available for micronutrients like vitamin A and iron, for children and mothers.

WHO also promotes the idea, as it recommends that supplements for vitamin A should be made available for children between the age of 6 months-5 years, every 6 months in areas where vitamin A deficiency is prevalent.  The issue has been addressed by the government of India, with the introduction of campaigns to provide vitamin A supplements, twice a year.

Relevant steps are being taken with the visible results. For example – India has been able to double the rates of life expectancy, and child mortality has dropped to half in the last 50 years. Still, there is a lot that needs to be done, because in developing countries almost 40% of preschool children are suffering from iron deficiency or anemia.

WHO, in its Global Targets 2025, has mentioned about its mission to improve maternal, infant and children health and nutrition, and are committed to monitor its progress.

All the efforts look promising and a healthier and nourished future is envisioned, for the upcoming generations.

Think about it and share your thoughts in comment box.




Winters With FBB

Finally!! My favorite season is here and to make this season even more special, fbb sent this beautiful voucher.

fbb voucher

I rushed to check out fbb store and buy some cool stuff for myself so that I can welcome my #WintersWithfbb.


Once I entered fbb store I really felt excited to see so many good winter stuff.

You will get to see a variety of collection in every section. Check out a glimpse of women collection which is available in #fbb for this winters.


After so much confusion and trials, i finally bought this brown leather jacket from the store.


So what are you waiting for?

Go to your nearest store and make your winters even better.



Switzerland: Heaven On Earth

The world has hidden treasures that, once you travel, you start to discover them and Switzerland is definitely a precious gem.

I was lucky enough to visit Switzerland last month as I was the winner of #GetSwissed contest which was hosted by @SwissTempelle and Switzerland Tourism. I uploaded my selfie with Swiss Tempelle product on my social channel and was selected as a winner of this GRAND contest. The prize was all inclusive trip to Switzerland. Yay!!

So the journey started from Delhi on 26th Oct Night. They booked Swiss airline for us. We reached Switzerland ( Zurich) on 27th morning. We had a hotel booking in Interlaken but just to explore more we kept our luggage on Zurich station and went out to explore that city. In Zurich, we went to Zurich lake and some markets. After that in noon, we took our luggage from Zurich station and went to Interlaken. We had booking in beautiful hotel called Hotel Metropolis, Interlaken. The hotel was so beautiful and was located in perfect location. In evening, we explored Interlaken market, casino and nearby church. It was so beautiful and I am already missing it :O

That’s the view of Interlaken Market.


For Day 2, the hotel reception gave us our tickets to Jungfraujoch, top of Europe. We started our journey in train from Interlaken to jungfraujoch. (We had 1st first Swiss pass which was arranged by Switzerland Tourism). Trust me the scene was so beautiful and breathe taking. It took us around 2 hours to reach there.

Inside look of First class coach.

traintrain 2

And that’s the pic from TOP OF EUROPE ❤

top of europe

For Day 3, we had hotel booking in Lucerne. So we took a train from Interlaken to Lucerne and managed to reach there in 2 hours. For whole day we were busy exploring Lucerne market as we had to buy a lot of stuff for our friends and family. We also went to a Cruise ride on that day.


Outside our hotel in Lucerne.

lucerne road

During my whole trip I was carrying my favorite Swiss Tempelle body lotion to take care of my skin during whole journey.

There is so much to experience in Switzerland that you’ll be able to find something that will entice you to holiday there, somewhere at every time of year.

If you want even more detailed information about the fantastic choice of holidays that are available throughout Switzerland then why not visit our Switzerland tourism website where you will find ideas and suggestions whatever the time of year that you are planning to travel.

Much thanks to Swiss Tempelle (  & Switzerland Tourism for this once in lifetime opportunity.



Shopping Made Easy

I hope you all loved my previous post. Recently I received 2 more products from

Butter cookiescasserolesmall casserole

I have already started using this casserole and loving it. Cookies are almost finished now:P

As I already mentioned, Super 99 ( has 35 stores across major cities in India and plans to open more in coming months. Their stores offer amazingly low prices for everyday products from categories as diverse as gifts, toys, kitchen items, beauty products etc.


  • Shopping at a SUPER 99 store is much more than fun.
  • You get value for every single paisa spent
  • Prices are so incredibly low that you won’t believe at first
  • A great range of more than 5,000 products
  • Genuine and high-quality products made to cater your everyday needs
  • Year-round discounts saving you maximum money
  • Products and items as low as Rs. 9
They do not sell online, however, you can visit their website and locate the nearest store.
So what are you waiting for?
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