Make Your Room the Gang’s Adda

Hello Readers!

Friends are family. I’m really fortunate to have some amazing friends; a few of them are my schoolmates, some of them I met in college, others from work, and the remaining I crossed paths with quite randomly.  I love to have them over as much as I can. Time just flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it?

However, entertaining friends at home was quite different back in college. Now that we’ve been sucked into the routine of life with offices to get to and deadlines to meet, crashing after a hard day’s work has become more about relaxation than merely fun times.

Back in our college days, we would scrunch into the most limited of seating spaces just for the sake of it, but now, things are different. We still love each other’s company, but, after all the formalities of everyday life, it really does your body and mind good to have a comfortable pad where you can just lie back and relax.

We usually hang out at my place, thanks to its proximity to our offices. And since comfort was a top priority, I decided to make the most of my limited space and budget to accommodate my buddies’ needs. With a few tricks, design hacks and #SubscriptionLifestyle, my place is now our perfect hangout; in fact, some of them have literally started to live here (LOL!)

Rentomojo kitchen

Here’s how you too can pep up your pad and make it your gang’s adda: –

Push Your Creative Buttons 

You do not have to buy new pieces of furniture to make your home comfortable. Just put your existing stuff to better use. As my friends had turned my home into a B&B, storage became an issue. I always had a pile of clothes lying on my chairs belonging to some friend or the other. Since I had only one cupboard, I up-cycled the chest of drawers in my living room into a freestanding wardrobe for my friends to keep their clothes.

Go For Space Saving Furniture

I have a super comfy sofa in my living room that comes with a nice bed tucked underneath. Sofa cum beds are great. Every time my friends come over, the bed comes out. This way there’s room for more as compared to the sofa alone and we can all just flop down on the bed and watch movies on my LED TV together


Bring In The Mattresses


With the restrictions of space and budget, its’ impossible to have multiple beds at home, especially if you’re living in a 1BHK rental apartment like me.


My gang is big and even my gorgeous king-size bed can’t accommodate us all. To solve this problem, I brought a few mattresses that can be used to sit or sleep as and when needed. Don’t make the mistake of buying them though, since their utility is limited and also, they spoil with time. Get them on rent as I did.

Cook Up Some Love

Renotomojo k

I enjoy cooking. But when I’m not cooking, we order from outside. I guess another reason my boys and girls love to eat over here is that because I #SmartlyOwn a microwave. No matter what we order, once the food is delivered, it goes straight into my microwave to be warmed, especially in the winters! Also, not to forget the innumerable popcorn parties and freshly baked cakes we’ve had.

These are real easy to follow and won’t cost you much. Just remember to go for rental furniture and appliances like I did, this way you can save a lot of money.

Once you have got what you need, just wait and watch how your home turns into a haven for your buds!