I have recently started reading novels and trust me i am loving it. Today i would love to share my views on this amazing novel- “The Heavens We Chase”. This title along with a beautiful cover, appealed to me, and I took it up for review. Genre of the book is historical fiction.


The novel tells us about the story of Satya and Saraswati, father and daughter. It shifts between past and present as well. Satya, an eleven-year old child, commits what is the ultimate act of treachery – theft. The villagers believe that the God who watches over the village will punish the wrongdoer. Satya cycles away to Bombay, not just to escape the punishment, but also chasing the heavens.

20 years later, he has become a high ranking official – the Educational Inspector of the Bombay Presidency. He sets the syllabus more oriented toward Pythagoras, Galileo, and Aesop’s Fables instead of Aryabhatta, Panini and Jataka Tales.


His daughter Saraswati, on the other hand, loves patriotic songs, and falls in love with Professor Hamid, who teaches subjects quite against what her father loves.

The idea behind the story is amazing. It has two characters, one who chases materialistic heavens like money and privilege, and another who aspires for happiness, love and acceptance. The narration between past and present is catchy too.


So what are you waiting for?

Grab it from your nearest book store on buy it online.