Introducing Vami- Leggings & Blouse by Bonjour

Few days ago, I attended bloggers meet by team Vami, a Bonjour Group company synonymous with leggings in India. Find out more about the event plus their new launch, Bonjour Blouses!

For working women’s, moments of relaxation are difficult and very few. Most of the times the clothes that are high on comfort aren’t cool enough, and those which are classy, not comfortable enough. But Vami brings to us the best collection of designs in women leggings and blouses that not only look good but are truly made for comfort. Have a look-

Speaking at the event, Mr. Vineet Aurora said, ” Vami is a brand for every woman. Vami intends to increase awareness about the leisure of life which can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Find below their awesome collection-


And after actually using the products myself, I can vouch for its quality standards and comfort. I am very sure, once you start wearing Vami leggings, you won’t be able to wear any another brand. The leggings are available in different colors. Special stuff ensure super comfort.




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