5 Interesting Things to Do in Pondicherry

If you want to take a break from the monotonous and tiring routine and the everyday struggle of work and home, then Pondicherry is a great place to explore in South India. It is an ideal blend of heritage and spiritual culture to give you a real peace of mind. With a lovely weather, well-cleaned and not so crowded beaches, you can experience the real beauty of this place.

Here is a list of five simple yet really interesting things to try in Pondy and discover a whole new sublime side of yourself.

  1. Pottery

Photo by Stevesworldofphotos, CC BY-ND 2.0

Pondicherry is known for its versatile traditional heritage which is a fusion of Tamil and French influences. Here you can find a vast diversity of ceramic pottery, handmade paper, paper-mache crafts, stone carving and many more. You can try this fun activity and dirty your hands at the Golden Bridge Pottery by attending workshops. Discover the creative side in you and if you don’t have it, then just go there, relive your childhood and have fun with clay.

  1. Bicycle Tours

Photo by cuncon, CC0 1.0

A brilliant way to see Pondicherry and relish its beauty and tranquillity is with an early-morning guided bicycle tour. Through this activity, you would also get the opportunity to savour the breath-taking sunrise, especially on a beach. You can imagine how beautiful it would be to see the sun coming out of the blue sea. It is indeed one of the most wonderful things to experience.

  1. Water Activities

Photo by Kalyan Kanuri, CC BY-SA 2.0

Pondy is undoubtedly the best place to try a lot of water activities. Some of them are Scuba diving which is conducted in the months of February-April and September-November. Also, while spending your day at the sea beach, going for a boat ride and enjoying the clean blue water is a must try. It is an excellent way to enjoy the scenery especially for the birdwatchers as a number of birds’ flock to the lakes and beaches of Pondy.

  1. Aqua Zumba

Photo by Praveen, CC BY 2.0

Now, here comes the most fun-filled and healthy activity for your trip. Aqua Zumba is an amalgamation of doing Zumba dance with water resistance generally in a pool. It is considered to be one of the highest energetic water exercises. You should surely give it a try as being aquatic; it would create a lesser impact on your joints. Moreover, considering water resistance, every step       will become even more taxing. So, all you have to do is just let your body lose and have fun splashing in water while dancing. Prior registrations and some planning are really important to book your seats.

  1. Finest Dining

There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating for our tired souls than relaxing at a beach, looking at the seamless sky, listening to the sea waves and enjoying good food with a glass of wine. One must try French and continental cuisine at Le café, Gourbet Avenue right by the sea. This experience would surely be outstanding. Moreover, abundant bakeries and cafes are there to serve your taste buds in unique ways. Pondicherry is a place where you would discover sea food that cannot be found anywhere else. Traditional Tamil cuisine and some of the most sumptuous dishes from neighbouring states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala would definitely yield a luxurious fine dining experience.

All these activities would surely help you in having the best of your time at Pondicherry. They are really relaxing and a lot of fun to try with family and friends. A trip to Pondicherry would certainly happen to be the right decision if you are looking for peace mixed with some urge to expand your horizons of knowledge.

Author Bio:

Rohit Agarwal, a traveller and blogger, in search of the most fascinating tourist sites loves exploring different places across India. His blogs at TransIndiaTravels.com are full of such interesting blogs about various places and cuisines.


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