What are the top ten things one should experience in life?

So this is the first time, i am writing something about my personal experience on my blog. Here you go:)

1. Make yourself a priority

Give it a try:) At the end of the day, it’s not about having time, it’s about MAKING time.

2. Travel as much as you can

I travel a lot. I love to travel whenver i can. It makes me feel good about this world. Even i have a long bucket list for that!

P.S: its Dubai above


3. Learn to say NO

I know its difficult, but sometimes you have to.

Always remember its about “Apna kaam chalta bhadh me jae Janta”


4. Go on a Trip with your mom

As i said i love to travel, but traveling with momy is something i love. That midnight noodles and a tight hug from her is something I love a lot.


5. Give importance to your grades

May be that will not help you for good Job , but definitely it can make your present HAPPY.


6. Go For Adventure

I did Scuba in port blair and realized this world is actually so beautiful.


7. Bunk Your classes and spend time with your friends

I mean i am still in college, and when i look back i always remember the time which i spent with my friends. Lectures are something out of coverage area


8.Always Smile

I mean there is no point of being SAD all the time. You have a lot to be thankful for.


9.Go on a SOLO trip

I went to Hyderabad alone for some event. It was my first trip alone but definitely a life time experience it was. Give it a try.


10. Always Spend time with your best friend.

No matter how busy i am. I love to spend time with my BFF and do crazy stuff. ***Bliss**


Your comments are awaited…





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