Backpack Essentials

It’s very important and difficult to decide what to keep in and what to keep out while bag packing for a vacation. Today I’m going to discuss the essentials to backpacking, things to keep in mind while packing your bags for a vacation.

Location Matters: Location is the key, whether you are going for hiking, hills station, plane area, desert area or so your requirement will change from place to place but somethings will remain common. What are those, will discuss in below paragraph.

Understand your needs: Personal need, should be considered as priority while backpacking. Try to figure out what is most and least important for you. Because while traveling you have to carry your luggage and you will be the only person responsible for all your belongings.

Things to carry in your backpack while travelling

  1. A medical kit: Keep at least two dosage of every kind of medicines like dehydration, fever, cold and other basic pills. Because it’s not necessary you can find medicines easily everywhere so be prepared.
  2. A sewing kit: Be self-ready, keep a small sewing kit with you
  3. Emergency light: keep torch or any other source of light with you so in case of any emergency you can use it.
  4. Save space: Avoid extra and unnessary stuff, only carry things you actually want to use.
  5. Extra Bag: If you have shopping plans then must carry an extra bag pack.
  6. Skin essentials: Carry Uv protection and other skin protectors. Will suggest not to carry the entire bottles instead transfer them into small containers or buy sachets.
  7. Ready to eat food: Have some instant food ready with you because not always you’ll get good food to eat.
  8. Sanitary kit: Keep sanitizer, hand wash and towel hankies with you to avoid infections.
  9. Umbrella/Shades: Be sun safe, you never know when the weather changes its mood.
  10. Extra Batteries/Power bank: To live without cellphones is kind of impossible now days, from navigation to ticket bookings we are dependent on our gadgets. So keep power banks or extra batteries handy to avoid any hassle.

Also keep some plastic bags with you.

Hope it helps and let me know if I have missed something.

Keep Travelling



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