Law breaking laws..

I was following my daily routine, getting up at 7:00 in morning and heading to my work place. It’s almost 30km’s from my home to office, we cross two railway tracks in between and lots of traffic. One pretty day I Board my cab and reached at railway crossing, it was closed. There was a long Queue already, driver switched off the engine and we waited track to be cleared. Suddenly what I saw was really shocking, usually due to heavy traffic and hurry, people avoid standing in line and prefer to go for the short cuts. Those short cuts that can be dangerous for life. Image below can explain you better what I am talking about.

Rail Track

A man crossing railway lane even though the barriers were put on and the train was about to reach.

Rail Track 1Hope we all are aware of traffic rules and regulation but sometimes we often take it for granted.

Rules are made to keep us safe and protected, but generally people doesn’t understand and unfortunately those who are specially hired to maintain the rules and regulations are doing same mistakes.
Society is dependent on cops indirectly to maintain peace and harmony, but this picture proves this statement absolutely wrong. Usually have seen many people crossing lines but this was the first time I saw our law protectors breaking laws. I am not blaming anyone it’s just that by watching one person doing a sin/breaking a law other’s get encouragement to do same ”AGAR YE KR SAKTA H TO M KYU NHE”. We should be responsible enough, why we need someone to tell us what is wrong and what is right. One small mistake can turn your whole life into a mess. We read daily newspapers and are aware of miss-happenings in the society on railway tracks, accidents due to ignorance and carelessness takes many lives. After knowing the facts, masses of them doesn’t care about.


Rail Travck 2

While I was clicking this image this wise men was looking at me aggressively, that why the hell I am clicking his picture, still I took it.

Rail Track2Requesting all of you to please follow the Traffic rules, they are only meant to keep us safe.

There are plenty of things that can take care of when you are on road (driving), some of them are listed below.

  • Wear helmet while driving two wheeler.
  • Don’t use cell phone while driving.
  • Have patience, your life is more important than those 5 minutes you save from standing on a red light.
  • Avoid over speeding.
  • Drive in lane, avoid overtaking.

I always keep thinking that Why do we need anyone to remind us our duties? Aren’t we responsible enough? Why we always need an officer to bump on our head, for reminding us our responsibilities. Imagine a society where each and every person is a traffic police, then there will be a lessor rate of road accidents and there are many more things that we can avoid. It’s difficult for one traffic officer to manage the entire traffic (Suppose say 100 cars). But, if in each car person siting like us understand their responsibility and follow all the rules, it will make the task easier. In short, there will be a traffic officer in every car and that is highly amazing..

Waiting for your feedback J








8 thoughts on “Law breaking laws..

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonderfully said Neha… I fully agree with you..I also drive my car and always follow the rules but sometime really we think like the same you said “watching one person doing a sin/breaking a law other’s get encouragement to do same ”AGAR YE KR SAKTA H TO M KYU NHE”” That’s really true enough to judge ourselves…and in my experience of drive I mostly seen the rule breakers are law protectors and no one stop them. This is our society and we are living with this society only. BUT Can we stop them? Can we complain anywhere? I think NO…a big NO.

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