The Utimate “Numero Uno”

The Month of August for me started with a bang as i was selected as a “‘Grand Winner’ for #NumeroUnoDayAtCollegee. *Drum Rolls*.


Winner was supposed to get  a luxury car for one day along with a stylist and NU vouchers worth Rs. 10,000 and a chance to feature in our promotional video. So the day started with a “Mercedes S-class”(Yes You Heard It Right) at my place to pick me up for this super cool day.


That feel was mind blowing. (Photographers+ Camera + Car + Excitement). They started their Video shooting for upcoming promotional video from my place itself. I was allowed to take my one friend along with me for this ride, so i selected my partner in crime, my brother (Mayank Suri) for this super cool experience.

Camera on,

Ride Starts.

Me and my brother along with photographers were present for the ride. Firstly, We visited My college -“Northern India Engineering College,GGSIPU” and i took few of my friends from my college for the ride. We really had lot of fun that time (Songs+Friends+Selfie+Long Ride)

After college (Followed By Lunch), We directly went for free shopping at Numero Uno Gurgaon Outlet. That Ride from My college to Gurgaon store was memorable. (It was my first ride in Mercedes). At Gurgaon outlet we (me and my brother)  had photo shoot and interview  about our whole experience. Over all That Day Was Full of excitement and fun.

Thankyou Numero Uno!

(With My 10k Shopping) 


Do watch My Grand Experience—

Here’s the link –


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