Make in India is an initiative started by the government of India to boost multi- national, as well as national companies. Launched by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on 25 September 2014. With 800 million people under age 35, a nation ready for rapid, responsible economic development.

We will pursue this mission by eliminating unnecessary laws and regulations, making bureaucratic processes easier and shorter, and ensuring that our government is more transparent, responsive and accountable. Plan for building world-class infrastructure, to make our cities and towns more habitat, sustainable and smart and to make our villages the new engines of economic transformation. “Make in India” is a commitment- and an invitation to all- to turn India into a new global manufacturing hub.


Make in India gives assurance to build inclusive development like skills education, and opportunity, safety, dignity, and rights for every section of our society, especially women. Some of the basic goals in Make in India project are a bank account for every Indian, affordable health care within everyone’s reach, sanitation for all by 2019, a roof over every head by 2022, electricity for every household, and connectivity to every village. Make in India focuses on following 25 sectors of the economy some sectors are automobiles, railways, electronic system, oil and gas, food processing, roads and highways and renewable energy etc.

India is going to be open and friendly- for business, ideas, research, innovations and travel to India. It will be easier to win the confidence of corporate to establish operations in India and hence will contribute to making “ Make in India” campaign a huge success.




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