The Ultimate IPL experience.

Last year, the month of April started with a bang as I was selected as 3rd Vodafone Super Fan. Vodafone India was running a contest on their twitter page in which they selected one winner daily for around 60 days as a Vodafone Super Fan.It was a quiz based contest in which the fastest to answer was the winner. Luckily on 3rd day of contest I was the Fastest and I won the contest. (“Speed Is Good”)

Oh Yes!

Winner was supposed to get a free Round Trip journey along with stay at the venue of match. I was Selected as a winner for Kings XI Punjab vs Rajasthan Royals, IPL Match 3 (PUNE). I was allowed to take my one friend along with me for this short trip, so i selected my partner in crime, my brother (Mayank Suri) for this super cool experience.

Trust Me the experience was something which i can never forget in my life. Being a cricket freak i really had a blast while watching live match. Rajasthan Royal won that match so i got ball from Steven Smith .Here are few pictures of that moment-

Live on Sony Max.

Surrounded by Rajasthan Royal boys at the IPL. An exclusive meeting with Captain and a ball signed by him specially for me.😎 The feel was amazing. As i said i am a sports freak, so I often go to watch live IPL matches. Find below few images from my IPL match experience-





Good times are even better when they are shared.


Live toss. (I am on the right)


P.S- This contest is still ON! Give it a try- Vodafone




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