Top Five Must have Food in your plate

Five main elements of a good food

  1. Taste
  2. Proper balance of spices
  3. Cleanliness
  4. Less oily
  5. Plating


Above listed are five most important elements which I always consider before ordering any dish. Whatever the food is, it should be enriched with the juicy flavors of spices. Cleanliness is as much important as anything else, I always prefer to grab a bite on a place which is clean. So below listed are some of the food places in Delhi/NCR to grab delicious food.

1. Wenger’s- Nutella Waffles (Sweet Dish)


2. The Park Delhi- Red sauce pasta  12974400_10201373297370594_8794137042190861459_n


3. Nandos- Pita bread with hummus sauce. 12963868_10201373297930608_8488219174022623023_n

Peri peri chicken


4. Wendy’s-  Chilly fries with veg burger12961742_10201373296890582_910735216518521051_n

5. Pirates of Campus in Hudson Lane-Tandoori Chaap13010772_469194116602848_5764122233683536595_n

Kitkat shake


After all research, have come up with some delicious food points across Delhi/NCR. Best dishes of the places are displayed above in the pictures. feel free to share your experience.


Your comments are awaited.



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