Right To Education

How to turn a clay toy into a Scientist, Engineer, Doctor, Teacher and much more. A clay can take any  shape if properly molded. Like our youth, and it can be possible with “RIGHT TO EDUCATION”.


It is very  easy for a financially strong family to give a bright future to their kids’ but not for them who even cannot provide one-time food to their children’s.  And those parents who cannot afford, send their child to GOVERNMENT SCHOOL for studies, which is comparatively inexpensive, in fact almost free. But if the government is providing education for free then why are people running towards private schools?

Why to spend extra bugs if you can get education for free. Course is same, syllabus is same so why????

Differentiate between GOVERNMENT and PRIVATE schools.

Only we can finish this differentiation between Government and Private schools. But how?

Below are listed some of the facts listed through which we can easily fight from this issue-

1. Preferable schools should be Government schools

Government employees and Rich people could prove as one of the great examples, they should start sending their kids to government schools. This will increase the level of education. Nobody wants their children to send in an undeveloped school, especially those who can afford best private schools.

2. Increasing  investments

More amount of money should be invest to improve education system, not only in our capital schools but other states should also be considered and should be improved side by side. I have seen Delhi government schools are far better than other state government schools Like U.P, they need lots of improvement.

3. Improve Hygiene and Sanity in government schools

One of the main reason people avoid sending their children to government schools is lack of sanitation, cleanliness and also availability of clean drinking water. Proper facilities can encourage masses to send their children’s to government schools.

4. Proper teaching facilities

Government schools should opt all the advanced teaching facilities to provide best to the students.

5. Easy Admissions

Less fees and easy admissions can possibly increase the number of attendants.
We only can spread positive messages in the society. Education is same for all the religions, casts and levels. Education can change the bringing up of a person. A country’s development is measured through literacy rate, the more people will educate the more our country can develop. Each and everyone has a right to educate even the poor ones.

Keep spreading the positive vibes and share your comments here.



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