The Ultimate IPL experience.

Last year, the month of April started with a bang as I was selected as 3rd Vodafone Super Fan. Vodafone India was running a contest on their twitter page in which they selected one winner daily for around 60 days as a Vodafone Super Fan.It was a quiz based contest in which the fastest to answer was the winner. Luckily on 3rd day of contest I was the Fastest and I won the contest. (“Speed Is Good”)

Oh Yes!

Winner was supposed to get a free Round Trip journey along with stay at the venue of match. I was Selected as a winner for Kings XI Punjab vs Rajasthan Royals, IPL Match 3 (PUNE). I was allowed to take my one friend along with me for this short trip, so i selected my partner in crime, my brother (Mayank Suri) for this super cool experience.

Trust Me the experience was something which i can never forget in my life. Being a cricket freak i really had a blast while watching live match. Rajasthan Royal won that match so i got ball from Steven Smith .Here are few pictures of that moment-

Live on Sony Max.

Surrounded by Rajasthan Royal boys at the IPL. An exclusive meeting with Captain and a ball signed by him specially for me.😎 The feel was amazing. As i said i am a sports freak, so I often go to watch live IPL matches. Find below few images from my IPL match experience-





Good times are even better when they are shared.


Live toss. (I am on the right)


P.S- This contest is still ON! Give it a try- Vodafone



Top Five Must have Food in your plate

Five main elements of a good food

  1. Taste
  2. Proper balance of spices
  3. Cleanliness
  4. Less oily
  5. Plating


Above listed are five most important elements which I always consider before ordering any dish. Whatever the food is, it should be enriched with the juicy flavors of spices. Cleanliness is as much important as anything else, I always prefer to grab a bite on a place which is clean. So below listed are some of the food places in Delhi/NCR to grab delicious food.

1. Wenger’s- Nutella Waffles (Sweet Dish)


2. The Park Delhi- Red sauce pasta  12974400_10201373297370594_8794137042190861459_n


3. Nandos- Pita bread with hummus sauce. 12963868_10201373297930608_8488219174022623023_n

Peri peri chicken


4. Wendy’s-  Chilly fries with veg burger12961742_10201373296890582_910735216518521051_n

5. Pirates of Campus in Hudson Lane-Tandoori Chaap13010772_469194116602848_5764122233683536595_n

Kitkat shake


After all research, have come up with some delicious food points across Delhi/NCR. Best dishes of the places are displayed above in the pictures. feel free to share your experience.


Your comments are awaited.


Keep Calm & Escape To Kerala

My trip to Kerala was amazing, out of this world, breathtaking and memorable. I visited their with my family  last year and really had a very good time. Motto for Kerala, “God’s Own Country,” refers to the rich heritage, lively culture, and positive socio-political climate. And yes Keralites… Just can’t stop thinking about the beautiful smiles and curious looks. Keralites are very hospitable, pleasant and respectful people. Perhaps because they enjoy a higher standard of living and level of education than the rest of India – literacy rate in the state is nearly 100%. Based on my experience and those of others, here are my top suggestions for a trip to Kerala-

1. Lighthouse Beach

 I simply loved this beach. Lighthouse beach has a very wide sandy span. The depth of sea is very shallow and gradually increases to a deeper level after going quite a distant in. Beach is full of shops, hotels and restaurants. A must visit if you love beaches. This beach is best of all the beaches in Kovalam.

2. Marari Beach

 It is a perfect Beach for every traveller who look for a silent calm time to spend. Just drink coconut water and enjoy your peaceful time. This beach is definitely less crowded then other beaches in Kerala.

3. Kerala Backwaters

A trip to Kerala is incomplete if you missed visiting this place. Enjoy long boat journey and simply you will fall in love with this place:) This place is amazing for those who love nature and need to recharge and relax. The views are stunning and the soothing backwaters will ensure you immediately disconnect. This experience was something which I will cherish for my entire life. You can also prebook houseboat if you are going in group.

4. Tea Gardens

So I went to “Munnar”- Hill station near kerala and on my way to that place i visited few tea gardens and actually felt awesome because the smell was so catchy….Tea gardens make a beautiful backdrop for photographs. Hundreds of movies shoots are taken from this place. In short “Green everywhere”

5. Athirapally Falls

Excellent gift of nature. It is the place where Bahubali movie was shot… Remember?? Must visit place for nature lovers and others likewise.To enjoy the full view of the waterfalls you need to go down the hill and is totally worth the walk. Once you reach the bottom, you can see the breath taking view of the waterfalls 🙂
Here are some of the photographs from my trip:


“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” — Henry David Thoreau
“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.” – Fitzhugh Mullan
“How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterwards.” — Spanish Proverb
“One of the great things about travel is that you find out how many good, kind people there are.” — Edith Wharton
“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” — Danny Kaye
“He who is outside his door already has the hardest part of his journey behind him.” — Dutch proverb
“A ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are built for.” – Gael Attal
“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” — Martin Buber
“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” — Lao Tzu

Conclusion About Kerala

Kerala “God’s Own Country” is the perfect introduction to travel in India. There are a lot of tourism options in this culturally and geographically rich state of Kerala, India. It plays a major role in India tourism and deserves the attentions of tourists from all over the world. During your Kerala tour you will have wonderful opportunity to explore serene backwaters and amazing hills, waterfalls, adrenaline-pumping boat races and colorful festivals.

What else do one need to plan a holiday in Kerala?

Keep travelling and exploring!

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Beautiful Dubai

Dubai is one of seven emirates that make up the UAE, United Arab Emirates, a country that only came into existence forty one years ago. For those of you who don’t know Dubai, in the foreground you can see the “waves” of the Palm Jumeirah and its villas, then the famous Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotels, while in the foreground, you can clearly see the Burj Khalifa and the many new buildings that have popped up in Dubai over the last 10 years or so.

I was only able to spend about three days in Dubai, but found some things that you might find interesting if you ever decide to make it out there. I very much enjoyed my trip and I look forward to returning soon. Dubai is a beautiful city. At a glance, it’s quite easy to forget that this place is actually a desert that has been reclaimed and built over, with structures that are as grand and sprawling as any of the sheikh’s palaces. (And why not, since the sheikh does own a lot of the structures and hotels anyway.) The main city is extremely modern, but there are still areas where one can appreciate the “old Dubai”. Here are some of the things you might want to consider, if you are able to vacation in Dubai:

1. Beautiful Desert Safari

Trust me it is something best you can experience in Dubai. Starting from, camel ride to yummy buffet, everything is amazing. Also the belly dance is a must watch.








Perfect place for shopping freaks. You can find all big brands to shop here. I personally found it a lot expensive but yes you can give it a try.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3. Dubai Aquarium

Just imagine to live like a fish for few hours. Yes you heard it right, dubai aquarium can definitely give you that feel. Reasonable and a must visit. You can find a lot of aquatic animals inside the aquarium.



4. Burj Khalifa-“Tallest Building”

So that was one of the destination in my bucket list. It feels so good when you stand in front of burj khalifa and of course “selfie is must”. I missed the burj khalifa top view because of time issues but yes again this place is also a must visit.

Burj Khalifa ❤

5. Jumerah Beach

If you want to actually experience a walk in heaven. Go for jumerah walk. Beautifyl beach with lots of activities and yummy snacks too.

View at Jumerah Walk


Jumerah Beach



Beauty ❤

6. Al Khan Beach- Sharjah

This beach is not so common but i personally loved it. You will find very less visitors because it is not that popular. But if you are looking for peace. go and visit this beach when ever you are planning to visit Dubai.


In Conclusion About Dubai

A must visit place. You have to try and make it to Dubai someday. It is really hard to explain the energy and how unreal everything is there. In one day, I woke up beside a horse race track, then by noon I had already visited the largest building in the world.  You will find yourself constantly saying  “that is not a bad thing”.


Keep traveling and exploring!

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 “I am blogging about my dreams and passions for the Club Mahindra#DreamTrails activity at BlogAdda. You can get a Club Mahindra Membership to own your holidays!

Right To Education

How to turn a clay toy into a Scientist, Engineer, Doctor, Teacher and much more. A clay can take any  shape if properly molded. Like our youth, and it can be possible with “RIGHT TO EDUCATION”.


It is very  easy for a financially strong family to give a bright future to their kids’ but not for them who even cannot provide one-time food to their children’s.  And those parents who cannot afford, send their child to GOVERNMENT SCHOOL for studies, which is comparatively inexpensive, in fact almost free. But if the government is providing education for free then why are people running towards private schools?

Why to spend extra bugs if you can get education for free. Course is same, syllabus is same so why????

Differentiate between GOVERNMENT and PRIVATE schools.

Only we can finish this differentiation between Government and Private schools. But how?

Below are listed some of the facts listed through which we can easily fight from this issue-

1. Preferable schools should be Government schools

Government employees and Rich people could prove as one of the great examples, they should start sending their kids to government schools. This will increase the level of education. Nobody wants their children to send in an undeveloped school, especially those who can afford best private schools.

2. Increasing  investments

More amount of money should be invest to improve education system, not only in our capital schools but other states should also be considered and should be improved side by side. I have seen Delhi government schools are far better than other state government schools Like U.P, they need lots of improvement.

3. Improve Hygiene and Sanity in government schools

One of the main reason people avoid sending their children to government schools is lack of sanitation, cleanliness and also availability of clean drinking water. Proper facilities can encourage masses to send their children’s to government schools.

4. Proper teaching facilities

Government schools should opt all the advanced teaching facilities to provide best to the students.

5. Easy Admissions

Less fees and easy admissions can possibly increase the number of attendants.
We only can spread positive messages in the society. Education is same for all the religions, casts and levels. Education can change the bringing up of a person. A country’s development is measured through literacy rate, the more people will educate the more our country can develop. Each and everyone has a right to educate even the poor ones.

Keep spreading the positive vibes and share your comments here.


SEO Basics For Bloggers & Beginners

Learning SEO for blogs is much simpler than it seems. In today’s post we’re gonna provide you with the basics in the simplest way possibleso that each and everyone of you can get started on it right away. Okay, Let’s get started!

Marketers and bloggers have realized the value of optimizing a website for search engine visibility. Lots of marketers make the mistake of seeing SEO only as a source of free traffic. It’s true, free traffic is the end result, but it’s not how SEO works. The real purpose of SEO is to help people who are looking for you, who are looking for your brand or your product.  To do that, you have to match the content on your website to what people are trying to find.

The Basics of SEO for Bloggers:

1.Crawling and Indexing

If you are active on web world, then you must be aware of two terms i.e  Crawling and Indexing:

Crawling means the visit of Google to tract your website.

Indexing means when crawling has been done putting the results on Google’s index. If you’re a blogger, businessperson, or someone with something to say on the web,you should know this stuff.




2. Stop Stuffing in the Keywords

Many people have this idea that search engines strictly read meta data and that you should fill your meta tags up with a bunch of keywords and descriptions to get the best results. This isn’t true at all. In fact, Google doesn’t even use the keyword meta tag anymore to crawl your sites. Stuffing your site full of random keywords can actually have a negative effect on your ranking. Those “labels” you place on your posts are not there for SEO keyword purposes, they are there to categorize your content so others can easily find past posts under the same topic.


 3. Custom Robots.txt

Search engine bots like Googlebot (Web Crawling Robot of Google) needs some guidelines on how they have to crawl and index our blog. We can prevent some non-important pages labels pages from indexing in Google to protect our blog from duplicate content issues.


4. Title Your Posts Properly

Whenever you title a post, think about what you would search for in Google if you were looking for an article about the topic. Think about how other people might phrase the same search term and try to create your title from that. You don’t have to do this for every single post, just the most important ones that you actually want people to be able to find through a search.
Example of a bad title: She’s Got Wind in Her Hair…
Example of a good title: 7 social media tips

5. Install a sitemap

One of the easiest things you can do is install a Google Sitemap plugin that gives a full map of all your posts, pages and archives. This automatically generates the sitemap for you at regular intervals and then submits it to Google, Bing, etc. on your behalf. Its literally giving them a map of your site so they can index it better.



Just be patient. It takes time for search engines to update their records, as they have to crawl billions of websites.

“Good things take time”

Also, note that it will take time to figure out what works for your site. What works for site A might not work for site B.

A better approach?

  1. Figure out what people are looking for
  2. Create a site that gives it to them
  3. Optimize for search engines, so they help people find you

Just keep the above points in mind to help guide you. It takes time, and it’s a lot of hard work, but if you stick with it, it does pay off.

Your comments are awaited:)

Love ..


Find Best Fast Food Joints In Delhi..

I consider myself a foodie who loves to explore different foods of different places. Whether it would be a Five Star restaurant or a street food point, I try to cover the best of it. And now I targeted to discover best places to FoodOut in Delhi.

Best pocket-friendly fast food points in Delhi.

  1. Scooters On the Wall: South Ex- If you are hungry enough and have limited money in your pocket, then this place is absolutely made for you. Cheap food that tastes best can be found at Scooters on the Wall in South Ex. While I had my Nachos chat on plate had also order a dessert.Nachos Chat
    FullSizeRender(2).jpgAnd here comes my sweet dish Chocolate Brownie. I have tried plain and nuts brownie and was pretty much satisfied with the taste and quantity.

Chocolate brownie


Chocolate Nuts Brownie


Isn’t it these images are mouthwatering, whenever I look back I feel like to grab it again:)

2. Billu Ka Pazzta at NSP (Netaji subhash palace)– Here it comes ideal place for pasta lovers. White sauce pasta is one of the best and top selling dish by Billu ka pazzta NSP.

White Sauce Pasta


3. Hauz Khaz Social at Hauz khaz: A perfect combination of proper plating and delicious food. I love the hospitality, and organic & natural way they choose to serve their dishes. Veg Burger was delicious and taste enhances with chocolate smoothie.

Veg. burger



4. Chalte Firte momos at Kamla Nagar– Tandoori Momos by Chalte Firte momos at Kamla Nagar. Combination of momos wth green chatni and mayonnaise could not beat anything. Crisp and crunch, stuffed with chopped onion and cabbage Tandoori Momos should be a must try.

Veg. Tandoori Momos



5. Arjun Ki Pav Bhaji at Model Town – Pav bhaji is a famous and most common dish of Mumbai and mine favourite too. Arjun Ki Pav Bhaji at model town Delhi would be the best best pav bhaji center in your budget.

Pav Bhaji


Here it is, some of the food joints explored by me. Shall be sharing more food options in Delhi soon. Till the time keep eating and explorinng ..and offcourse don’t forget to exercise to burn those extra calories..

Your comments are awaited:)